Sonny West (UK)

Sonny West

Sonny left school at the age of 15 and worked as a  farmhand and a crops picker While he taught himself guitar at the age of 15, and only just over a year later, he auditioned and was chosen to be the lead guitar player for a West End musical and played with Elvis's original band including Scotty Moore The Jordanaires DJ Fontana as part of the forever Elvis music. He moved to London, he toured  the world and made TV appearances with the band and show .. at 17!

Sonny left the show to pursue his career as a solo artist.

He hit hard times and  rock bottom homeless and living rough on the streets of London sleeping in Euston station. In the daytime he busked to commuters for coins to buy food and slept rough at night on the station floor, this lasted three long  winter months.

The rest is a long story but he managed to keep his head above water and got out of the situation.

Sonny formed his own band at the age of 18; Sonny West and the Rhythm Kings. He wrote and arranged all the music. One year later he started a record label Crown Records and issued his first release Mr Wild Guitar.  It was the fastest selling independent UK album released that week and sold out on pre-orders, now considered a collectors item.


Sonny did gigs in the UK and across Europe and America and went to New York  backed by the Quakes, he then returned and continued to play live UK to Europe and USA.


At the age of 20, he was then managed by Tom Ingram and played along with all the rock 'n' roll greats at the Wembley rock n roll stage show. With that success he was the only artist to be asked to play the second  Wembley rock 'n' roll show the following year.


Sonny toured and played guitar with Fats Domino and recorded two albums  and toured with Linda Gail Lewis, and went to play guitar for the Big Town Playboys and recorded an album with them and a huge list of other people.


Sonny played guitar for the Metrotones.  Whilst continuing to gig with Sonny West and the Rhythm Kings he appeared internationally with people like Ronnie Dawson, Charlie Feathers and most of the original pioneers of rock 'n' roll music across UK and Europe.


In 1990 Sonny then signed to Nervous Records and recorded his second album with Roy Williams and Western  Star records producer Alan Wilson.

In 1991 Sonny West and the Rhythm Kings split before the release of the second album so  he could concentrate on his career as a songwriter and became a session guitar player.


As a session guitar player, Sonny started working on different projects  and working with top producers including Cameron Craig, who was producing Tina Turner’s album. Amongst  other pop legends Sonny became a prolific songwriter and has written music for TV music film.


Sonny also taught jazz at the Islington Arts Factory in London.


He then started the Voodoo Vendors and went on tour with Lonnie Donegan and played all the major blues festivals in the UK and Europe. He played and toured with Gino Washington, Sir Bob Geldoff and the Blockheads amongst others and two tours with Lonnie Donnegan.


Sonny then put his music aside and invested his royalties to concentrate on business as an entrepreneur.

He opened a successful champagne bar and also a music restaurant in the heart of Camden Town featuring artists like Amy Winehouse and James Hunter and many more touring international states.

Also liaised with TV a.m. Organising conducting interviews with Touring artists.  Following that success, he went into property devolopment  doing a lot of the work of restoring renovating himself and  built  a portfolio and owns commercial and residential property in London.


Sonny owned and ran a vintage motorcycle shop in London where he restored and repaired  classic and vintage motorcycles. He worked with the science museum on old British and American motorcyles, restoring and shipping motorcycles of historic interest all across the world.


Sonny then started a new musical project called the Congo Faith Healers where he writes and performs all the music. The Independent newspaper list them as  the top act to see when visiting London.

The Royal Albert Hall asked them twice to play in Trafalgar Square to close in the West End live festivals.

They were also voted The BBC gods juke box as band of the year.

They played all around the world and toured with with Katie Tunstall, Razorlight and are currently working with Rolling Stones producer Chris Kimsey.

He put it on ice to be a stay at home dad.


Sonny has his own studio and is currently semi retired and lives with his children at his home seaside town in the UK.


His hobbies are motorcycles and his guitar collection. He privately owns some of the rarest Gretsch guitars in the world.

He is a self made man but has not lost his working class sensibility.


In May last year Sonny went back to his roots with the new rock 'n' roll album, his first one in 26 years, which he has written and produced in Hollywood California USA for Wild Records. There is another album which is also on Wild records.

This year he set up the DAM music production which he uses to help and develop  muscians and  projects like 17-year-old virtuoso piano player and singer DK and the Killers and artist Laura Ashleigh as well as overseeing and investing in other projects like Bopflix video channel on YouTube which already has 5 million views.

In April he coordinated 26 bands video shoots out in Las Vegas whilst also performing with his own band out there at

the biggest rockabilly festival in the world ware he headlined on the Friday night in Las Vegas.


Sonny is keeping busy  bringing up his children and in the studio, recording and writing and has been been out touring in 2018. Already been across Europe and USA and although now retired, he is currently always working hard writing, recording and nurturing new talent as well as managing his own business and music career,  DAM Music productions.

Al Dual (Spain)

An artist of extraordinary musicality, Al Dual is a craftsman who knows how to faithfully bring back sounds from the early days of American music. Forerunner of the Rockabilly & Country guitar in Spain, -as it is also outside our frontiers-, Al Dual is one of the most patriotic artists with more recognition in the international scene of the Rock´n´Roll classic.

Throughout years of work and consolidation of diverse techniques, Dual has gone on to consolidate as one of the most complete guitarists of this genre, obtaining a position in the olympo of the Twang guitar together with musicians of the stature of Eddie Cochran, Bo Diddley, Chet Atkins, or Duane Eddy with whom he shares a privileged place as endorser and ambassador of the best known international brand Gretsch Guitars, instrument paradigm of the Rockabilly & Western guitar.

In 2015 he toured various cities on the North American West Coast, conquering cities such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Pomona, San Diego, Fullerton and Santa Clarita, among others. He has also performed in magnificent clubs such as “Kensington Club”, “The Tower Bar”. Spike´s”, “Til Two Club”, “The Juke Joint”, “Eastside Luv” and “The Continental Club” in Austin ( Texas ) temple of American country music.

In 2017 he publishes EP ” Blue´s back in town ” ( El Toro Records, BCN ) recorded and mixed between the cities of Madrid and Valencia, and mastered in “Georgetown Masters”, -Nashville, Tennessee-, fetish studio of many of his favourite artists ( Willie Nelson, June Carter, Sonny Burgess and Johnny Horton, among others.).  He also records his first Video Clip with the same title. The piece is key in the projection of his work as a soloist, also revealing himself as an exceptional vocalist.

Beginning this year, he is awarded the prize for Best International Male Soloist at the famous Ameripolitan Music Awards, held in the city of Nashville since 1959, during which he presented an overwhelming live performance  to specialists Dale Watson, Celine Neal and Silvia Neal, and thus becoming part of an exceptional list of artists along with Big Sandy, James Intveld or Reverend Horton Heat, among others….

Additionally, he is chosen as a member of the Second Generation of Artists in the Rockabilly Hall of Fame, founded by Bob Timmers, who preserves the most significant of international Rockabilly. Dual, with this honour, writes an important new line in the history of the genre along with names such as Stray Cats, Robert Gordon and The Blasters, among others.

He has presented, in a vibrant live show, his album and his band in the Murcian auditorium of Puertas de Castilla with a magnetic live gig of 60 minutes and full house.  Also, full house in the presentation at the Rock Palace in Madrid.

In October 2018 he publishes his last work recorded in the well-known studios Sun Records, mecca of blues, country, rhythm & blues and rockabilly. Where artists such as Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis, B.B. King, Howlin’ Wolf, Rufus Thomas, Junior Parker, Sonny Burgess, Billy Lee Riley, Warren Smith, Charlie Rich, Carl Mann and Charlie Feathers developed and laid the foundations of the music we know today. On February 9th he recorded this unique analog recording session in the same way and with the same scenario that other artists did in the 50’s.

Dual is currently getting ready for what will be his next album for the record company El Toro Records. This LP will be recorded in the prestigious studios Lightning´ Recorders (Berlin) by the producer Cherry Casino.

The Go Getters (Swe)

In January of 1988, amidst the frozen badlands of Västerås, Sweden, a gang of Vikings decided to heat things up by forming a rockabilly trio. They would call themselves the Go Getters. Thirty odd years later the ensuing inferno rages like an oil fire out of control. Led by stand-up drummer and chief songwriter Peter Sandberg on lead vocals, the Go Getters have electrified audiences around the world with their own custom blend of ass-kickin’, blues-marinated, high-octane, mega-watt rockabilly boogie. After appearing on several compilation albums in the late 1980’s, the Go Getters released their first single, You Don’t Love Me, in 1992. The platter soon topped the European roots music charts and led to the release of their debut LP, Real Gone!; considered a milestone in modern Euro rockabilly music for its heavy infusion of the blues. The success of these records fuelled a demand for the group throughout Europe, where they toured without mercy for the better part of a decade. In addition to their own shows, the Go Getters have backed many of the 50’s biggest rockabilly stars, including Sleepy La Beef, Ray Sharp, Larry Donn, Johnny Powers and the greatest of them all, Mr. "Rockin’ Bones" himself, the late Ronnie Dawson (R.I.P)out of Dallas, Texas. Since 1990 Dawson used them on almost all his tours in Scandinavia.

The group embarked on their first tour of the United States in 1995, playing Chicago, Detroit and Minneapolis before finally incinerating Fairmont Indiana, where they rocked the Rebel Weekender to a frenzy, proving that a gang of Vikings could still conquer a continent. In that same year they also released two singles; Gangwar/ Hobo Baby and Sandberg’s self-penned "LOUD PIPES `N´ LEAD FEET", the latter a hit in the hot rod world, where Sandberg, in addition to his full-time singing, drumming and songwriting continues to build his own Hot Rods & Customs. In 1996, the single MeXiGo!/ Madman Blues was released on Goofin’ Records, followed by their second, blistering LP, Hotter Than A Pepper. In May of that year they also made their long awaited appearance at the Hemsby Rock & Roll Weekender  No 16 in the U.K., inciting their fans to near riot. That summer they embarked on their second U.S. tour, invading New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Portland and Boston, and in the Viking tradition, taking no prisoners. `98 saw the release of the third Go Getters LP, Rock & Roll Is Everywhere!, and the band’s third U.S. tour, with stops in Los Angeles, San Deigo, San Francisco, San José and ultimately, “Sin City” and the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender .1, where their performance was said to have raised the candlepower of the Vegas skyline to that of a nuclear blast. A week after arriving home to Sweden, the trio swept out the ashes and hit the road for its triumphant return to England and the Hemsby Rock & Roll Weekender .20. In 1999 the Go Getters toured the United States for the fourth time before landing in Australia on a ten-city string of barn burners that left the earth scorched in the land down under. The tour included a recording session at the famous ”PRESTON STUDIO” in Melbourne. A bunch of trax was put on tape and 4 original trax written by Peter can be heard on the ”Australian tour 99”-EP. out on Goofin Records now. The sound in this all valve studio is fantastic! The LP/ CD "Welcome To SIN CITY" has been out for awhile and are gettin raving reviews! 12 originals from peters scetch pad bout Hot Rods, Hot Girls, Hot Drinks ….Oh! and HOT LOVE! Awaiting their new album they released a LIVE CD with recordings from USA "LIVE IN LOS ANGELES" (Still Crazy After All These Beers!) This long awaited live recording was done on a hot night at the the Fabulous CINEMA BAR in Culver City LA. HOT OF THE PRESSES IS : "BRAND NEW CADILLAC" a CD-EP with 3trax …also includes "NO HEART TO SPARE" & "BLACK MAGIC WOMAN" NEW STUDIO RECORDED LP /CD! "MOTORMOUTH" OUT NOW! The GO GETTERS mix of blues rockabilly and country generates a positive party atmosphere that will keep the beer-taps open all-night at any bar. This is CITY FIED and COUNTRY FRIED ROCKABILLY!!

Maryann and the Hi-Flyin' Combo (Swe)

Maryann & The Hi-Flyin` Combo was founded in June 2018, when idea about new rockabilly band was realized. These rockabilly guys from Estonia - Maryann as singer, Garik on double bass and Peeter on drums has been playing together before, was only the question to find a guitar player. Then fortunately contacted with Wictor from Sweden and band was created and ready to play. The idea of the band is to play only real rockabilly gigs, enjoy the music and have fun. 

The Same Old Shoes (Ity)

Forli, Italy.  It was 2010 when, in a pub downtown, two young buddies, Dario (Darry-O, vocals, acoustic guitar) and Mattia (Ramblin' Matt, drums), decided to make their music paths converge in the name of rock and roll.  The Same Old Shoes came to life.   In 2013 the line up levelled off with Davide (Shorty Dave, lead guitar) and Filippo (Fool Phil, double bass), and the band aclnowleded its identity in authentic rockabilly.  The band was ready for the spotlight: marked by a clean, fresh and genuine sound that aims to rediscover music in its simplicity, honesty, and rural taste.  In 2016 their first album, titled "Real Gone Sessions" was released with El Toro Records.  The band is included in several prestigious festivals and events such as Summer Jamboree, The Rockabilly Rave, Good Rockin Tonight, Screamin', Bethune Retro, Dreamfish, Tear it Up and many more.  In 2018 their second album "let's go mess around" was released and the band are now ready

MFC Chicken

Formed on top of the prestigious chicken shop of the same name, MFC Chicken came onto this earth for one purpose, and one purpose only: to resurrect the real rock and roll music and enjoy the finest fried chicken. Alright, that is two purposes. And we might even add a third purpose: to get your beautiful butts out on the dancing floor. Raw, sax-fuelled rock and roll/ rhythm and blues tunes are always on the menu, so come down to the MFC Chicken shack and shake it on out with us.

Jackson Sloane and the Rhythm Tones

Jackson Sloan, over the years, has built up a reputation as an exceptionally talented and gifted frontman. Jackson’s love of the music evolved from his parents record collection which led to Jackson attending live gigs both in his own home town of Southend-on-Sea, all over Essex, London and Europe.

“The 100 Club, London was my spiritual home, where I could get up close to my heros, the great blues shouters, Jimmy Witherspoon, Eddie Cleanhead Vinson, Jay Mcshann, Memphis Slim, Champion Jack Dupree, Big Joe Williams. Along with becoming a record collector, this became my passion to try to emulate these great musicians and voices, I got to meet the musicians and talk to them personally – I felt very priveleged”

In 1982 Jackson formed ‘Rent Party’, a jump jive rhythm blues band playing the sounds of Louis Jordan, Big Joe Turner, Jimmy Liggins and Wynonie Harris, along with the Chevalier Brothers they helped pioneer the jump sounds both in the UK and in Europe. Rent Party held a weekly residency at the railway hotel and the queens hotel in Southend-on-Sea, packing out these two iconic venues led to an agency deal in London. Rent Party then became one of the best live acts around. Numerous tours led to the band being invited by George Wein to play the Kool Festival in New York and three nights at top Roots music venue, the Lone Star in Greenwich village. Rent Party released four singles and one live album on waterfront records culminating in working with top blues producer Mike Vernon.

“Working with Mike Vernon was a real pleasure, we recorded four tracks live an an old church hall using a fostex 16 track – Mike did a terrific job, that really helped promote the band.” After Rent Party folded and went separate ways in the roots music word Jackson teamed up with ex-Rent Party musicians and formed seven piece rhythmn blues band Oobopshbam playing and touring all over the Uk and Europe recording a studio and live album.

Jackson had a conversation with good friend Ray Gelato which led to recording a solo album. “Ray encouraged me to write original songs and record in a way that the classic records of Atlantic,  Federal, Imperial and speciality had a great live feel. After getting together in London with Ray Gelato and his great pianist Gunter Kurmeyer, they started putting together the songs. They brought in a top doublebass player Peter Pritchard who’s worked with Scotty Moore, Eric Clapton and Alvin Lee. Guitar duties fell to Richard Studholme whos played with Hubert Sumlin Big Jay McNeely Lowell Fulson, Carey Bell, Eric Bibb and many more. On drums Mike Thorne one of the best Rhythmn blues drummers in the Uk who also produced the recording at his vintage studios Rimshot.

B and the Bops (Croatia)

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Dylan Kirk and the Starlights (Eng/Fra)

Dylan Kirk with the Starlights perform rock n roll and 50s rockabilly. The group composes of 4 musicians aged between 18 and 22.

Mons Wheeler and the Tone Kings (Ire)

Mons Wheeler is a talented singer and musician from C. Armagh, N, Ireland.  With well over 20 years of professional experience, gigs, tours and collaborations to his unique name. Some highlights include various BBC TV and radio programmes, performing at the SSE arena.  Mons has toured the UK and Europe playing a variety of rockabilly, country, swing and contemporary music with his own unique style.


Dynamic.  Different.  Unique.

Known for their world class musicianship and high energy performances, Bamboozle seamlessly combine the vibe of the swinging 50s with the sounds of today, in a way that mesmerises both retro loving and modern audiences.

The band combines internationally renowned singer/guitarist/songwriter Kim Knowler (The Keytones, Gotz Alsmann), injecting his exciting and instantly recognisable guitar riffs, with new face on the scene, singer/bassist/songwriter Serena Sykes, lighting up the stage with her dynamic performances, electric vocal and daring double bass stunts, backed by the slick, thrumming grooves of drummer/vocalist Les Curtis (Imelda May, Darrel Higham, Wanda Jackson.

The Hoodoo Tones (Fra)

I'm a From LILLE, north of France comes a brand new Rockabilly trio called THE HOODOO TONES ! If you are familiar with the Rhythm Bomb roster this band will remind you on MARC AND THE WILD ONES, THE RAMBLIN BANDITS or TWISTED ROD.

Modern rockabilly sounds, mostly original songs these are the attributes of THE HOODOO TONES !

Kevin - Lead Guitar/ Vocals
Julien - Drums
Ben - Double Bass
Home: Lille, France

Phil Haley & His Comments (UK)

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